Angry birds

I’m so pissed
Trying to beat this angry birds thing. I almost win, he goes behind me and bomb me to 2nd
Stupid pig!



Ugh! Monday is so near . I’m so tired of Sundays going to Monday’s . Monday should’ve been part of the weekends. But it’s one day closer to VACATION aka freedom. Plus my mom is planning to get me a SAXOPHONE!πŸ˜† so mega happy. Aka SWEET🍑

Later Gators🐊
P.S I didn’t choose the flute cause the only thing I hear when I play it is air

Realistic life topics

Do you ever get stuck between two people? Like good friends, or siblings . #catfight. Worst part? Who’s side are you on? Yep, it happened today. Note to self, be the nicer sibling πŸ˜†. Or nicer person. Happened to me once😭. Poor me, some girl framed me! Geeze, with help of her friend. So pissed.

Oreo, I got a solution, as soon as I get a wechat i’ll screenshot it and you can ask someone to take a picture and you can scan it!

Neighbour ever have like a party? I feel your pain. Noisy and smells good, people stop torturing your neighbours with a partyπŸŽ‰

‘Til next day

To Oreo and Lily

imageΒ Hey to protect my identity . I had to draw a pic. My pic. Well I did create a fake name for me and my friends. Not including Oreo!😝 that’s me for you. My age= fake. You can never be too protective of your/my identity. If you count it lying I count it safety measures. Gtg post tonight.πŸ˜„. So c you! You can trust the information I’m writing, cross my heart hope to die. Brb gtg outside πŸ‘‹πŸ»